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The Clarendon Health Department will be staging a peace march today as part of activities to mark peace month in the parish.
The event will commence at 8:30 a.m. at the May Pen Hospital and proceed to the town centre, where there will be an expo and peace concert.
Co-ordinator for the parish’s peace month activities, Carla Pearson, speaking at a press conference held yesterday (March 5) at the Health Department, said Friday’s event is in keeping with an initiative being undertaken in collaboration with the Social Development Commission (SDC) and the Crime Prevention Committee, to address the problem of crime in Clarendon.
As part of the initiative, persons will be trained in conflict resolution; l benefit from information on career development and the setting up of small businesses; while youngsters will be engaged in sporting competitions.
“Our endeavour to build the parish and stem the crime wave will continue beyond the march. During the day, an expo will be staged where a number of service agencies and private enterprises will provide information to young people on how they can be engaged in productive ventures,” Ms. Pearson informed.
Deputy Superintendent of Police for Clarendon, Ian Mowatt, urged every resident, who has a concern to rid the parish of criminal elements, to turn out on Friday and share with the police on how their particular community can be better policed, and “use their presence to show the criminals that their efforts to alienate the people from the police are failing”.
The North Central Taxi Drivers Association has also endorsed the peace march and president Elijah Lewis, said that more than over 30 of its members are expected to participate.
“We want to send a clear message to wrongdoers that as taxi operators, we are tired of the violence that is rotting our towns and communities. With peace, all stands to benefit, and we will be able to traverse every area in the parish as we transport commuters to their destinations. The police can’t do it alone, so at the march, we will be there to show that we want violence free communities,” Mr. Lewis said.

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