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KINGSTON — The fourth in a series of energy symposia, being put on by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ), is scheduled  for Wednesday, May 4, at the PCJ auditorium on Trafalgar Road, in New Kingston, commencing at 5:30 p.m.

The seminarwill examine several key areas of Jamaica’s renewable energy industry, including the present status of the sector and financing options for renewable energy projects for the micro, small and medium size enterprise (MSME) sector.  

Participants will also use the opportunity to examine energy efficiency and conservation in the industrial sector, looking at the Cuban experience and the just concluded Cuba-Jamaica light bulb project.

The series were launched on February 9, under the theme: ‘Jamaica’s Energy Future’, and forms part of the PCJ’s efforts to foster informed public discussions on energy. 

This has taken on increased significance with the rising energy costs facing the country.  The series also form part of the PCJ’s three-year corporate plan and is aimed at heightening public awareness of the various methods that can be adopted to save on energy costs.

The forums have enjoyed good public support to date, with topics that impact on the everyday lifestyle of Jamaicans.  According to the PCJ, promoting energy conservation and efficiency is their primary concern, which has directed their choice of presenters and presentations.

For example, the Development Bank of Jamaica is invited for this upcoming seminar as they have been involved in financing similar projects.    Cuban participation is to coincide with the closure of the distribution exercise of fluorescent bulbs donated by that country.

At the February launch of the series, Chief TechnicalDirector at the PCJ, Earl Green, told JIS News that  the aim of the initiative is two-fold: to promote energy efficiency, and the utilisation of energy efficient equipment, gadgets, systems and programmes.