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An alliance has been formed between the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) and the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ), for greater compliance in the importation of energy efficient devices and equipment.

However, PCJ Chief Technical Director, Earl Green, told JIS News that only the procurement of devices which are tested and proven for the Jamaican market would be encouraged.

“We have engaged the Bureau of Standards to develop standards relevant to Jamaican conditions, to engage the industry in ensuring that that which comes to Jamaica is the best there is to offer in the world,” he explained.

Pointing to the establishment of an Energy Services Company “ESCO” Industry, Mr. Green told JIS News that the PCJ wanted to do more than just ‘advise’ the industry on matters of energy efficiency, and have invited operators to a workshop to assist in capacity building. 

“We have engaged bankers, we have engaged potential clientele to assist them in how to structure their business to move beyond where they are today,” he noted.

The PCJ recently launched a series of islandwide energy symposia (February 9), under the theme “Jamaica’s Energy Future”. The symposia aim to promote energy efficiency and the utilization of energy efficient equipment, gadgets, systems and programmes throughout the country, to reduce the demand and, by extension, the oil importation bill.

Mr. Green said the PCJ had not only extended an invitation to members of the traditional commercial banking sector, but also to the Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ), which has a banking facility of a $500 million, to assist the development of the energy sector.

He said that the facility is available through the commercial banks, at an interest rate of less than 10 percent.

“We recognize that the take-up is low, that is why the PCJ has been engaging the major stakeholders in finding ways to ensure that the industry benefits from this facility,” he said.

The next energy symposium is scheduled for Thursday, March 2. The focus then will be on geothermal, cooling systems and Micro-Turbine renewable energy   harvesting systems.



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