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In keeping with its national energy efficiency and conservation programme, the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ) has donated a Solar powered system valued at approximately$1.1 million to the Woodpark Basic School in St. Mary. The school was outfitted with a 1 kW peak Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System to power indoor and outdoor lights in the form of 36W T8 Fluorescent lamps (indoors) and one dusk-to-dawn 65W fluorescent lamp. Prior to the PCJ’s intervention, the school operated without electricity.

At a handing over ceremony held recently on the school’s compound, Group Chief Technical Director of the PCJ, Dr. Earl Green said that the donation was indicative of the PCJ’s unwavering commitment to optimize energy use in the public sector by auditing Government operated facilities, identifying energy conservation opportunities and implementing initiatives that will realize tangible savings.

He told the gathering that he expected the project to act as a catalyst for the development of an energy culture in which members of the Woodpark community embrace energy efficiency and renewable energy.

“Energy efficiency and renewable energy represent the way forward and through projects like this, we hope to communicate this message to as many persons as possible throughout Jamaica…  We hope that this project will serve as an early introduction to the energy industry for the young ones. They seem fascinated by the system and with the right encouragement and opportunities, we believe that this fascination can one day be converted to a career in energy”, Dr. Green said.

Meanwhile Principal at the school Donnett DeSouza stated that the project was a blessing and will enhance the learning experience for the students.

“This project means a lot to our school and community, the light was well needed. Whenever it rained and became dark it was difficult for us to teach but now we no longer have that problem as we have electricity. This is just the start and we hope to continue to improve our energy infrastructure”, she said, adding that the project has piqued the interest of many members of the Woodpark community “who now want to know more about the system, whether they can get one for their home, business etc."

The overall goal of the PCJ’s energy efficiency and conservation programme is to create a paradigm shift towards the use of alternative energy,supported by the propagation of evolving energy saving technologies. In recent months the PCJ has implemented a number of energy efficiency initiatives in health institutions and schools, namely: The Bustamante Hospital for Children, Mandeville Regional and Black River Hospitals, Hope Institute, Jamaica College and Half Way Tree Primary.



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