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The Pesticides Control Authority (PCA) has taken its series of community meetings to St. Elizabeth, to sensitize residents about proper chemical use.
At a meeting held on Wednesday (March 12) in Pedro Plains square, Senior Inspector of the Western Office of the PCA, Lee Taylor, said it is important that farmers and the general public receive continuous information on pesticide use in order to protect their health.
“Users of these chemicals must use those that come with packaged labels. Read them and understand what they say before you apply them and they must be stored properly so that children do not come into contact with them. And remember, when you spray, always wear protective clothing so that your skin will not absorb the pesticides, which can lead to poisoning problems,” the PCA Inspector informed.
He advised farmers not to use more than the quantity stipulated for particular crops and not to over spray produce.
“Buy pesticides in their original containers and if the labels say that you should reap five days after spraying, don’t do it in three days. When you do that you are endangering the lives of the consumers and you run the risk of not having your goods sold in certain markets. As farmers, you owe it to yourself to produce safe food for consumption,” Mr. Lee said.
The Pesticides Control Authority monitors and gives approval for the importation of chemicals into the island. It prohibits any pesticides that can have negative effects on the environment, plants, animals or humans.
The next public meetings will be held on March 18 in Elim Square and on March 20 in Springfield, St. Elizabeth. Both meetings will start at 6: 00 p.m.

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