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Residents of St. Thomas are putting plans in place to clean up and beautify the Rudolph Elder Recreational Park in Morant Bay and the Paul Bogle Shrine in Stony Gut, on Thursday November 18, as part of activities to highlight Local Government MonthLuther Cummings, Field Services Manager for the Social Development Commission with responsibility for St Thomas, told JIS News that the projects were selected based on the “strong support” which came from community members to upgrade the historical sites.
“So the communities will be out painting, cleaning up, replacing vandalized toilet facilities and grilling them as well as replanting flora and fauna in the park and rehabilitating the water fountain,” Mr. Cummings said.
He told JIS News that the Park, which has a “rich history” is currently being used by young people to play basketball, netball and other games. “Over the years it has deteriorated and so we’re trying to bring it back,” he added.
Meanwhile, Mr. Cummings said lighting and water facilities would be installed at the Paul Bogle shrine and noted that efforts would be made to promote tourism in the parish, using the Paul Bogle story.
“We want to sensitize the young people of St. Thomas to this rich history of the parish and to get the tourists to come to St. Thomas and see the heritage of our parish and so we’ll use the Paul Bogle story as a catalyst to get the parish’s tourist industry going, so we’ll be putting in light and water at the Paul Bogle Stony Gut shrine,” he said.
According to Mr. Cummings, discussions have taken place with residents and the relevant stakeholders to inform them of the projects and to seek their assistance.
He noted that it would not be difficult to obtain funds for the projects because private sector interests have recognised their importance.

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