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The Parottee water supply system, in St. Elizabeth, is to be upgraded at a cost of over $285 million.
This was announced by Minister of Water and Housing, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, after touring the Parottee replacement well site, on July 24.
According to the Minister, the National Water Commission (NWC) has engaged the services of Jamaica Wells and Services Limited and Hood-Daniel Well Company Limited, to carry out expansion and upgrading work at the site.
“The whole southern belt will have significant improvement in water supply. We will continue trucking water to the areas, and we anticipate that by the end of November, we can give the immediate areas a fair amount of water,” Dr. Chang told the residents.
The improved system is estimated to generate over one million gallons of water to the communities of Parottee, Hill Top, Forth Charles, Stonefield, Pondside, Spice Grove, Thatchfield, Fullerswood, Vineyard, Slipe, Cataboo, Frenchman and Punches.
“A lot of the old system has deteriorated. The pipes broke and leaked. What we will do now is rehabilitate that, and give you water with what we have, and then a designed programme will help to increase the supply and distribution,” the Minister pointed out.
“We are going to make the required investment in infrastructure for St. Elizabeth, and provide a platform for development in the parish,” he added.

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