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The House of Representatives, in addition to it's regular Tuesday Sittings, will be meeting on Wednesdays up to the middle of March.

The meetings on Wednesdays will deal with various issues of national importance that were put forward in the Parliament by Government Backbenchers and Oppositions MPs, through private member’s motions. 

Last Wednesday the House debated a motion brought by Government Backbencher Gregory Mair, on the crisis of the Jamaican family institution and the general decay in values society. The debate drew a high level of support from both sides of the House and it was clear that the Parliament wanted the Government to act directly and immediately.  After the debate the Leader of Government Business indicated that a Joint Select Committee of Parliament would be convened to look at issues surrounding the Jamaican family  with a view towards developing a policy on the family.

This week the House is to debate a motion brought by Central Kingston Member of Parliament Ronald Thwaites, on the need for a revised Road Traffic Code and an appropriate enforcing authority for driver education and testing, improving the integrity of the prevailing system of vehicle inspection and amendments to the Road Traffic Act which would prescribe mandatory driver re-education for traffic offenders at the discretion of the court and the obligatory recertification of all holders of drivers’ licences at intervals of 15 years after issue.


Issued by: The Ministry of Education