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The Houses of Parliament today (March 8), observed Commonwealth Day with a science fair at the Cleve Grant Building, Constant Spring Road Church of God, under the theme: ‘Science, Technology and Society’.
Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Andrew Gallimore, in his remarks said he felt privileged to be participating in the day’s activities.
Mr. Gallimore said he was pleased with some of the exhibits at the venue. “We are embracing the theme this year of science and technology and how it is going to impact our society,” he said.
Meanwhile, in his message read by student of the Queen’s School, Michelee Young, Prime Minister Hon. Bruce Golding pointed out that the future of science and technology holds exciting possibilities.
“The concepts and innovations generate optimism about finding solutions to some of the current challenges that pose a great threat to the sustainability of mankind. Jamaica must take advantage of opportunities offered by technological and scientific advancements to facilitate our own long term transition to a knowledge and innovation based society,” Mr. Golding said.
He noted that the current policy on science and technology, which will be accompanied by a national science and technology strategy, will form the umbrella under which scientific policies and implementation plans for the major sectors will be developed.
“These (sectors) include energy, water, agriculture and agro industry, education, biotechnology and information and communication technology,” Mr. Golding said.
In her remarks, Clerk to the Houses of Parliament, Mrs. Heather Cooke, explained that this year’s theme seeks to raise awareness about the role that science and technology play in the development of the countries within the Commonwealth.
As a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, each year the Houses of Parliament celebrate Commonwealth Day. This year’s activities include exhibitions by students from secondary and tertiary schools in the Corporate Area as well as government agencies and private sector companies.

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