JIS News

The St. Elizabeth Parish Council, has passed a Resolution to have a Revenue Centre established at Junction, to make it easier for persons to pay their property and motor vehicle taxes.
This Resolution was moved by Councillor for the Junction Division, Cetany Holness, at the recent monthly meeting of the Council.
He pointed out that persons in and around Junction travel to other parishes to pay their taxes, and this could prevent them from paying their taxes on time.
“Junction is one of the fastest growing towns in the parish, and with more businesses operating in the area, we must make it easy for them to do their returns and especially land and motor vehicle taxes, which come to the Council for many of the services we provide. It is important that these taxes are paid in the parish,” he stressed.
Supporting the Resolution, Councillor for the Braes River Division, Donovan Pagon, argued that the Council has been losing much revenue, as persons from the parish were utilising other revenue centres outside St. Elizabeth.
“Junction and its environs need a Revenue Centre. Most of the motor vehicle and land owners go to other parishes to pay their taxes, and we don’t have an effective system where when you pay elsewhere the fees come back to St. Elizabeth. Come September, the Council will be on its own to earn its funding, and we are encouraging people to pay their taxes and we have to help them with centres near to where they live and operate,” Mr. Pagon said.