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MONTEGO BAY — The Trelawny Parish Council is currently analysing the effectiveness of the pedestrianisation (pedestrian traffic only ) of Water Square, in Falmouth,  following the implementation of the new traffic management system in that town some five months ago.

According to Mayor of Falmouth, Councillor Collin Gager, the assessment has been ongoing from the implementation of the system, and it is now time to analyse its effectiveness. "We might be looking at how some of the one-way streets are working; there might be some that are uncomfortable to the public, and we will be reviewing those,” he told JIS News, following a Council meeting on September 8.

The Mayor's comments come against the background of questions raised during the council meeting, about hindrances to the free flow of traffic being caused by delivery trucks that have to stop to make deliveries on some of the one-way streets.  He also observed that the narrowness of some of the streets compounds the problem.

Changes were made to the streets in Falmouth to accommodate the conversion of the once sleepy town to a buzzing port for tourist arrivals, with the construction of a multi-million dollar cruise ship pier. Thousands of tourists now arrive in that town by cruise ships on a weekly basis.

Expressing satisfaction with the pedestrianisation of the town’s square, the Mayor pointed out that the Superintendent of Roads and Works of the Council has been asked to make the one-way system a point for discussion at the next traffic committee meeting of the council in October.  He noted that one of the main streets identified for change is Seaboard Street.

"We will discuss whether that road can be turned into a two-way street, and on ship days, revert back to one way," he said.

The Mayor said such a change, plus special delivery and pick up times for trucks, would be conducive to easier traffic flow from east to west in the town. 



By Bryan Miller, JIS Reporter

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