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Chairperson for the Coalition For Better Parenting (CBP), Ms. Janet Davis, is encouraging parents to read to their children.
She was addressing the national church service to launch Parents Month 2009 on Sunday (Nov. 1) at the New Beulah Moravian Church in Mandeville, Manchester, under the theme: ‘Parent, the Right Way: Read To Your Child Every Day’.
Ms. Davis said that there are a number of positives to be derived when parents read to their children.
“Reading to your child provides knowledge, promises empowerment, builds relationship, supports the social, emotional and mental development of children and contributes to the creation of a brighter future in the transformation process of our nation,” she stated.
Ms. Davis said that her organisation supports and promotes this year’s theme and encouraged the nation to embrace the practise of reading to a child as one of the principal ways to “enhance the ability of children, who will become the adult citizens of tomorrow to function optimally in our society.”
Ms. Davis challenged others to join in the National Parenting Programme and network and lauded those persons, who pioneered the programme.
“As we continue to work, we salute our parenting pioneers and call on all who have been standing aside in awe of the responsibilities that are required to build a strong and effective National Parenting Programme and network to accept the challenge and join us in this national effort,” she said.
The CBP was formed in 1991 and is aimed at strengthening the Ministry of Education’s efforts to impact on parenting through programmes with Parent/Teachers’ Associations (PTAs).

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