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Guidance Counsellor of the St. Ann’s Bay Primary School, Saloman Smith, has appealed to parents to provide greater support at the early childhood level so that their children can reach their full potential.
Addressing an Open Day at the James Hill Basic School in Clarendon, recently, Mr. Smith said that parents have a duty to ensure that the foundation set at the early childhood level was a strong one, on which students would be able to build, successfully, at the primary and secondary levels.
“When it is done right here, the children will have it easier going into the primary schools and the high schools, because their minds are stimulated, and they are ready to learn,” he stated.
He advised parents to remain in close contact with the school, as it was at this stage that teachers would be able to observe any problems, which would require professional attention, or a specific kind of treatment.
“With the support of the parents, with the support of the community, it will ensure that the children do well. We teach the children that their parents are there with them, and once the parents are there with them, the foundation will be set.so let us work together to ensure that these houses that are being built will be strong when they grow up,” Mr. Smith encouraged.
Principal of the institution, Karlene Smith, told JIS News that staff members were committed to working hard to provide the solid educational base required for students to continue to do well and achieve their lifelong goals. The school has 75 students on roll.

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