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Superintendent of Police in charge of St. James, Steve McGregor, has called on parents to devote greater attention to the rearing of their boys, especially those in the age group 13 to 19, who were causing the most trouble for the police.
“The age group between 13 and 19 is causing us (the police) most problems out there. We have 12 and 11-year old boys firing guns and I think the reason for this is because there is a lack of good parenting,” Superintendent McGregor stated.
He was addressing a meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Providence yesterday (May 2) at the Wexford Court Hotel in Montego Bay.
According to the Police Superintendent, parents are grooming their girls to be more responsible than the boys, as while girls are given chores, boys are allowed to play at will.
“We teach our young girls to wash and cook and clean from the early ages of five to six years old, while we send the young boys outside to play and to do other things. So when the girls seem to settle down faster .it is because we are training the girls to be more responsible than the boys,” he opined.
Superintendent McGregor, who was speaking against the background of May as ‘Child Month’, also pointed to the need for greater communication between parents and children.

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