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Parents of students who attend the Victoria Town All-age School in Manchester, are to benefit from computer courses, to be offered at the school by the HEART Trust/National Training Agency (NTA).
At a recent dedication ceremony for the computer laboratory, Principal of the school, Paul Grant, said that the laboratory forms part of the 2006/2010 school improvement plan.
“The vision was to establish a computer lab, purchase reading software and integrate this into our curriculum, in an effort to improve our reading level. All students must have equal opportunity, especially in the area of information technology, for research, and to expose and empower our parents,” he said.
He pointed out that in August 2008, in a move to integrate parents into the learning process, they made a formal request to the Centre Manager for the Newport HEART Trust/NTA, Donovan Jones, for the centre to partner with the school, to offer the National Council on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET), Level One Statement of Competence in Data Operation to a few parents.
“I stand here proud that we have signed a partnership agreement with Newport HEART Trust/NTA Vocational Training Centre, to offer the programme, free of cost, at their extension campus here at Victoria Town All-age, to a cohort of 24 parents and teachers,” he said.
Regional Director for the Ministry of Education, Vincent Guthrie, said the Ministry is well aware that it is unable, by itself, to provide all the resources required to operate and outfit schools. “We therefore applaud school leaders and administrators who are capable of reaching out to stakeholders as well as to these benefactors themselves,” he said.
He pointed out that the HEART Trust/NTA is one of the key stakeholders, which readily enter into partnerships with educational institutions. “This partnership will allow the community and the members of staff to get certified in Information Technology (IT), and it is a model worthy of being replicated in other communities,” Mr. Guthrie said.
The computer laboratory was outfitted with donations from past students, the Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA) and corporate entities. It is equipped with 16 computers.

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