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    The Citizen Security and Justice Programme (CSJP) recently staged the inaugural Parenting Symposium, with parenting groups and associations across the island meeting to discuss and share best parenting practices. The symposium, held at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston, involved 26 inner city communities in Kingston and St. Andrew, St. James and Westmoreland, and was held under the theme: ‘Empowering Communities through Strong Parenting Groups.’
    Morin Seymour, Executive Director of the Kingston Restoration Company (KRC), urged the participants to use the information provided to create positive changes in their communities. Mr. Seymour was representing the sponsors of the Symposium – Youth Opportunities Unlimited (YOU) and Rise Life Management Services.
    “I want you to take full advantage of the [parenting symposium] which forms part of our work in parental development under the Ministry of National Security’s Citizen Security and Justice Programme,” he stated. “I am positive that everyone will leave these proceedings with a greater knowledge and resolve and use the information gathered to stimulate positive changes at the community level,” he further noted.
    Monitoring Coordinator of the CSJP, Marjorie Codner, said that the parenting symposium is a “celebration of positive change in building and improving parenting skills.”
    She explained that the parenting groups mobilize parents on a monthly basis to attend general meetings, but on a daily basis they work with parents to assist with providing for their children. Meanwhile, Cheryl Blake, Leadership Consultant from the United Kingdom, who presented on the topic: ‘Parents, the Strength of Communities’ said that there is great need for parental improvement in Jamaica and the world, which can only be achieved through partnership with the government.
    “There is a drive for improvement in the communities and world leaders have come to realize that there can be no improvement or reduction in crime and violence if parents are not at the heart of what they are trying to achieve,” she stated.
    “Parents are the strength of local, international and global communities and if parents are to succeed, they must have a sense of well being,” the UK Educator pointed out.
    She added that parents must have a sense of personal fulfillment and then ensure that their children have a sense of well being. “Nothing can be achieved in the absence of this personal well being and development,” Mrs. Blake argued.
    Rohan Simpson, a single parent and father of two children, said that his parenting group in Kencot has helped him to be “wiser and better able to teach his children based on the parenting skills received.” Meanwhile, Vivenne Morgan of the Hampstead Park Parenting Group in Mountain View, said that the session was “very interesting and I have gained good experience on parenting.”
    The CSJP, in its quest to promote better parenting, aims to create forums where parents can benefit from sharing ideas and finding solutions to problems they face, engage in meaningful parenting and decision making, improve parenting skills, knowledge and confidence, as well as to monitor what is being delivered to their children and to reinforce what children are being taught.
    Other topics covered at the session were: ‘Maintaining Parental Self Care and Emotional Balance,’ ‘Nutrition, Conduct Disorder and the Family’ and ‘Parenting Groups to Parenting Associations, Issues, Management and Growth.’

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