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Some 170 parents in St. Elizabeth attended a recent parenting forum, at the St. Elizabeth Technical High School (STETHS), where they were engaged in discussions on the rights and protection of the child, and various skills needed to rear children.
Guidance Counsellor at the institution, Flora McLean, told JIS News, that the topics covered, should ensure that parents who attended the forum, are more aware of their responsibilities toward their children.
“Based on the ways in which they interacted with the presenters, the questions that they asked, it was clear that the information presented was useful, and the parents have been reminded to leave nothing to chance, but ensure that the care of their children is paramount at all times,” she said.
She informed that along with personnel from Women’s Media Watch, the parents got expert advice on issues relating to how the media can influence children to adopt traits that are not wholesome to their wellbeing, and the role of parents in steering children away from negative offerings on the air waves.
“The child has rights, but they must know that parents are in control, and parents must ensure that they reinforce this. And so, we looked at how parents can help their children to manage their feelings, especially their temper and the urge to be violent. Other areas looked at included how parents can find ways to handle stress, and ways to make the child happy,” Ms. McLean said.

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