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    The Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCo) and the University of Technology (UTech), will be ‘sprucing up’ the Papine Park in St. Andrew, as part of activities for Labour Day, May 25.
    Project Co-ordinator, Marline Stephenson Dalley, told JIS News that the scope of work will include the cleaning up and painting of the walls, benches, sanitary conveniences; pruning of trees; planting of grass; removal of debris and a general beautification of the park.
    Mrs. Stephenson Dalley explained that the Jamaica Fire Brigade will undertake pre-labour day work by “power-washing the park, the walls and the sanitary facilities, so that we are a little bit ahead come Monday morning.”
    She noted too, that some 35-gallon garbage baskets will be installed in designated areas in the Park a week following Labour Day, and general upkeep and maintenance of the park would be the responsibility of TPDCo and UTech.
    “Work will continue after Labour Day in maintaining the facility and creating an area which can be used by the community and students from the universities and other institutions that are in the Papine area,” the co-ordinator pointed out.
    Mrs. Stephenson Dalley noted that the sprucing up of the Papine Park is quite necessary, as the area is the hub for students and the gateway to a number of tourism attractions, such as New Castle, Hollywell, Strawberry Hills, Blue Mountain and Catherine’s Peak.
    “I think it is so important for us as individuals to understand that we can make a difference in our own little corner and space. We need to be a part of the beautification process, as it is about civic pride and how we treat with our environment, and what we leave here for the next generation is going to be determined by the actions we take today,” the co-ordinator said.
    Volunteers in the beautification project will include members of the Papine community and its environs; students and personnel from UTech; representatives from the University of the West Indies (UWI) Tourism Action Club; members from the Papine Development Area Committee; TPDCo and other agencies under the Ministry of Tourism.

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