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The Diaspora community in the United States is being mobilised to assist the survivors and families of the victims of the December 19 truck crash in Portland.
Consul General to New York, Geneive Brown Metzger, said that the overseas nationals stand ready to help as soon as the Government and related-agencies complete the needs assessment, now underway.
She indicated that she has been in contact with the chairman of the Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board/North East United States, Patrick Beckford and will be appealing to the overseas community for help for the families, including the more than 50 children left behind.
She promised to make available to the community, information for a special fund for the victims’ families, to be established by the National Commercial Bank (NCB).
Mrs. Brown Metzger said she was saddened by the nature and scope of the crash, which claimed the lives of 14 persons, and assured that the Government is doing all it can to help the nation cope with the tragedy.
She expressed concern particularly for the children, who, instead of celebrating the joys of the holiday season, were now mourning the loss of their loved ones, and urged the overseas community to keep the affected families in their prayers.
The crash, said to be the worst in the country in almost 30 years, occurred when the rear wheels of a truck went over a precipice in the Rio Grande Valley. The ill-fated truck, laden with a variety of agricultural produce, was transporting 21 persons to Coronation Market in Kingston.

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