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Awards and attractive prizes will be handed out to outstanding employees of the Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa, located at Whitehouse in eastern Westmoreland, at the hotel’s first annual staff awards presentation on February 9.
The function will form part of activities for the weeklong anniversary celebrations from February 5 – 11.
Director of Public Relations at the hotel, David Ellis, told JIS News that the first anniversary celebrations at Sandals Whitehouse was significant for the entire hotel population, as the establishment has impacted positively on Whitehouse in particular, and on the eastern Westmoreland communities in general.
“I think the hotel has made a tremendous difference in a comprehensive way, impacting on the economy of the areas and particularly on individuals, in terms of employment opportunities and the development and marketing of the culture.Operators of transport have benefited in a major way as the hotel has been experiencing extremely good occupancy on a consistent basis,” he said. “We are also involved in purchasing and providing guaranteed market for a number of farmers and those who operate in the region. In fact, we are now averaging some $900,000.00 worth of fruit and vegetable purchases per week,” Mr. Ellis told JIS News.
He noted that the hotel was involved in the preservation of culture through a partnership with the nearby Beeston Spring community, where the young people have been encouraged to fall in love with the traditional culture, with the aim of preserving it.
“More and more we are beginning to understand that tourists can find sun and sea anywhere, but when they come to Jamaica, we can keep their interest alive if we can share with them the uniqueness of the culture .We curently have a vibrant folk group in the community of Beeston Spring and have also resuscitated a mento band there, which now gets employment at the hotel, in addition to over 600 persons from the Whitehouse and nearby St. Elizabeth areas who are employed by us,” Mr. Ellis noted.
He pointed out that the overall business climate of the areas would improve, as with more people employed and earning, there would be more spending in the supermarkets and gas stations and the banks would see more persons opening accounts in the long run.

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