JIS News

Denzil Kerr, outgoing head of the St. Ann Division of the Jamaica Fire Brigade, has commended the fire fighters in the division for their outstanding service to the parish.
He said that, “despite the limitations, the performance of the St. Ann Fire Brigade Division has been very good since the commencement of the calendar year.”
He told JIS News, that since the start of the drought season, there has been an increase in bush fires, which placed a greater demand on the fire services, but lauded the fire fighters for their prompt response to emergency calls.
“In January, we responded to three bush fires in the parish and statistics will show a vast increase in that number during the month of February as we responded to a total of 42 bush fires,” he said.The St. Ann fire chief blamed the frequency of bush fires on poor farming practices, noting that they were mainly occurring in farming communities such as Watt Town, Alexandria, Bethany and Philadelphia.
He appealed to the farmers to desist from using fires as a method of clearing land for cultivation as this could result in loss of lives and property.
Meanwhile, Mr. Kerr informed that the division was working to reduce incidents of fires and the Fire Prevention Team was educating members of the public about fire prevention measures.
“The team has been operating effectively in the parish. They have been carrying out regular requisite inspection of places of amusement in the hospitality industry, schools and the health centres and the fire hydrants in the parish,” Mr. Kerr said.
Acting divisional head, Samuel McIntosh told JIS News that emphasis would be placed on the farming communities so as to educate farmers about fire safety measures and proper farming practices.
“I am looking forward to working effectively with the people of this parish in an effort to continue to save lives and protect properties,” he said.