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The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) is examining legislation and guidelines to see how it can bring private water truck operators under its remit.
The move comes as the public, local authorities and official bodies continue to raise concern about the safety and quality of drinking water being distributed by these operators.
“The (OUR) is not unmindful to the concerns being expressed and is currently examining how these operators can be brought under the ambit of proper regulations,” said the agency’s Director of Consumer and Public Affairs, Mr. Michael Bryce.
Speaking at the first in a series of quarterly OUR media briefings at the Knutsford Court Hotel in Kingston today (April 8), Mr. Bryce informed that the research started earlier this year. “We are looking on all the pieces of legislation that will be able to govern that and what the office has to put in place. We are looking at various policies. It is something that is actively going on at the moment.but the sooner the better,” he stated.
While the OUR has regulatory responsibility for the supply or distribution of water the matter of water quality is properly determined by the Ministry of Health.
Mr. Bryce argued that “if the OUR is able to bring providers of water trucking services under its remit, it will then be able to monitor and insist on compliance with the Ministry of Health’s standards as a condition of permit to operate.”
In the meantime, he is encouraging residents to boil water for drinking purposes to prevent the outbreak of waterborne diseases.
The OUR is a multi-sector regulator responsible for the regulation of telecommunications, electricity, water, sewerage and transportation by road, rail and ferry.

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