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OCHO RIOS — A new motorbike and head gear have been presented to the Oracabessa Police, in St. Mary, by Stewart’s Automotive Group.

The Honda trail motorbike and helmet were handed over by Security Minister, Senator the Hon. Dwight Nelson, at a ceremony held at the Oracabessa Police Station, on May 18.

"There is no professional that can perform his or her duties without being provided with appropriate tools to do the job, and whereas we provide the police officers with the necessary protective gear, whether helmets or vests, the fact is that with all those, unless they are mobile and are able to move as is necessary from point to point, then they cannot carry out their duties and responsibilities,” Senator Nelson said.

Citing the successes in the fight against crime, the Minister said that the Police are doing a great job and commended them on their efforts.

“There are two inputs. Firstly, there are policies, which determine what kind of laws is put in place to enhance the work of the police, and secondly, there is the operational aspect,” Mr. Nelson said.

“Without the astute operational strategies that have been put in place under the leadership and direction of the High Command of the Police Force, the Divisional Commanders, the supervisors, those who manage the Force and the men and women on the ground, we would not have achieved the notable decline (in major crimes).They are the ones who have ensured that we are where we are today,” Senator Nelson said.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for Western St. Mary and State Minister with responsibility for Local Government Reform, Hon. Robert Montague said that the Oracabessa Police  are well deserving of the gift from Stewart’s Automotive Group.

“We want to thank Stewart’s Automotive Group and we want to thank Minister Nelson for his input, and we hope that this bike will help the Police to further reduce crime,” he said.

Christopher McFarlane of Stewart’s Automotive Group said that the company, through the Honda dealership, was pleased to be a part of the growth and strengthening of the Oracabessa Police and the wider St. Mary Police Force.

“We will be very happy, over the next few years, to see an increase of this kind of activity and Stewart’s is very humbled by the opportunity to help protect and serve the community,” Mr. McFarlane said,  and congratulated the Minister and the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) on their achievements.

For his part, Inspector in charge at the Oracabessa Police Station, Deon Reid told JIS News that he was happy for the donation from Stewart’s Automotive Group, adding that the Oracabessa police will continue to play their part in working to help build a safer and better Jamaica.  





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