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Some 35 workers from the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and its agencies in Western Jamaica were sensitised about the necessary guidelines governing tender procedures and the awarding of contracts, at a recent seminar in Montego Bay. This is to ensure that the process is fair and transparent and that at all times, there is value for money.
The seminar was carried out by the OPM, and is part of efforts to educate all public officers to follow procedures and to be able to cope with scrutiny at the workplace.
Commenting on the critical importance of the sensitisation sessions presently being carried out in Kingston and Montego Bay, Permanent Secretary in the OPM, Patricia Sinclair-McCalla, told JIS News that all public officers should be empowered to observe what is necessary to enhance good governance.
“We are living in a very dynamic period and it’s very important for us to have the sort of transparency and probity, so that as public officers our integrity is not brought into question . If you know what is expected of you, then you are able to provide the sort of service necessary to achieve the objectives of government,” she emphasised.
“In providing the service, you also need to access goods and services, therefore you need to follow the necessary procedures in accessing these goods and services. We don’t want to be challenged at any time by the Public Accounts Committee or the Contractor General, so it’s very important for us to observe what is necessary to ensure good governance and to be able to stand scrutiny in all that we do as public officers,” the Permanent Secretary told JIS News.
Meanwhile, Director of Administration and Special Services in the OPM, Herbert Fletcher, said that the procurement process has come into sharp spotlight in recent times and, “as a part of our own initiative and drive at the Office of the Prime Minister, we have been conducting a number of sensitization sessions, not just for the immediate central OPM, but in fact our agencies that fall under our purview”. He noted that some basic issues in the procurement process were dealt with, but that other follow-up seminars would be held in Western Jamaica in the near future to deal with other critical areas.

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