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The Office of National Reconstruction (ONR), including Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Danville Walker, will meet with President of the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), Senator Norman Grant, by the end of this week.
Communications Liaison in the ONR, Tracey Hamilton said that the team would meet together to determine the way forward for the agricultural sector.
Speaking with JIS News, Senator Norman Grant noted that the JAS was the only organization, outside of the church, that had such a far reach across Jamaica. As such, it was crucial for the JAS and the ONR to collaborate on rural reconstruction, he added.
The JAS, he pointed out, already had a special task force to assist the farming community, and it was important for them to share with the ONR and work alongside that office in a cohesive way, to develop and expedite programmes to assist one of the hardest hit sectors in the island.
Turning to the issue of personal and household damage, Miss Hamilton said that assessors were combing the island to fully apprise themselves of the extent of the damage sustained by the various premises. Subsequent to this exercise, strategies to assist the most vulnerable would be put in place.

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