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Senior Superintendent of Police, Owen Ellington has said that the passage of Hurricane Dennis on July 7, was relatively free of looting, with only two reported cases. “For the entire period of the hurricane, we had just two reports of break-ins into business premises; one in the St. Andrew South Division and the other in the St. Andrew North division. And in one instance [the one in St. Andrew South] the Police actually caught the culprits and took them into custody,” he disclosed.
Mr. Wellington, who is in charge of the Operations Branch of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), told JIS News that the goods were also recovered.
Up to the afternoon of July 8, no other reports of looting or vandalism had come in, he noted, adding that checks had been made with Divisions right across the island.
Mr. Wellington pointed out that the Police had implemented a comprehensive plan over the period to ensure that businesses remained safe and secure. This included an extra deployment of law officers on the streets.
He noted that it began with police personnel discreetly warning business operators to secure their property. This was followed by the implementation of patrols throughout most of the business districts, and the equipping of police officers to enable them to operate effectively. The Senior Superintendent told JIS News that this special watch has not yet concluded. “The contingency plan that we have in place focuses on events immediately after the hurricane. For example, we have patrols making observations of premises to detect any breaches of physical security,” he explained.
He said that spot checks were also in place to intercept trucks, which might be moving out with goods. “We’re very vigilant. We’re searching people with large amounts of goods leaving the business district, without being able to show us how they came by them,” he pointed out.

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