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    With the effects of Tropical Storm Gustav, still being assessed in some areas, the Hanover Disaster Preparedness Committee, is reporting that of the 13 emergency shelters in that parish, one remains open.
    A family of eight still occupies the Axe and Adze Church of God Universal, in Eastern Hanover. This was reported at the monthly meeting of the Disaster Committee of the Hanover Parish Council, held at the Council’s Chamber in Lucea, on Wednesday (Sept. 10).
    According to Disaster Preparedness Co-ordinator for that parish, Olga Fae Headley, the Public Health Department, the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Red Cross, the Councillor and Member of Parliament for the area, are all co-ordinating efforts, to get the family back into a residence of their own.
    Meanwhile, Acting Medical Officer of Health for Hanover, Dr. Dianne Stennett, in giving a report at the meeting, pointed out that post storm checks are still being carried out by public health officers across the parish, to ensure that health standards are maintained.
    “In terms of the parish water supplies, the two major water supplies in the parish functioned during the passage of Tropical Storm Gustav, and water quality checks revealed that the quality of the supplies remained intact during the storm and after. In terms of food safety, immediately after the tropical storm, officers were deployed to monitor all the major food handling establishments, there was no major deterioration in the quality of food, especially high risk food, and no condemnation were reported”, she stated.
    She informed that the Public Health Department, has embarked on a 27-day emergency vector control programme, to eradicate the increase in mosquitoes, that has affected the parish following the storm. She said that a plan for an additional 60-day vector control programme, has been submitted to the Ministry of Health and the Hanover Parish Council for assistance.
    According to Dr. Stennett, some of the areas visited under the present vector control programme include: Malcolm Heights, Haughton Court, Church Street in Lucea, Prosper and Haughton Lane.