JIS News

Jamaicans will be treated to two evenings of spectacular entertainment at the Olympic Sports Gala, to be held on Saturday, October 4, at the National Stadium, and Wednesday, October 8, at the Trelawny Stadium.
“Those who would have seen the effects at the Independence Grand Gala, this is going to be even more mindboggling. There will be special lighting effects, spectacular lighting shows, pyrotechnics and fireworks,” said Artistic Director of Jambiz International, Trevor Nairne, in an interview with JIS News. Jambiz is the producer of the event.
“Of special interest, and I call these moments the wow moments, are specially designed arrival sequences for the Olympic contingent. These are going to be extremely spectacular,” he continued, adding that, “there will also be a wonderful victory lap and a major popular music segment with some of our finest local and international entertainers.”
The Olympic Sports Gala, is free of cost to patrons and will take place from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at both venues. Gates open at 2:00 p.m. and there will be a pre-show featuring a number of reggae and dancehall acts from 3:30 p.m. to 4:40 p.m.
The Artistic Director believes that given the dynamic nature and the variety of activities, a wide cross section of Jamaicans will be able to enjoy the celebrations planned for the country’s Olympians.
“I regard it as a multimedia, multifaceted event. It brings together stadium style production qualities with pomp, ceremony and festivities. The package also includes a national honours presentation segment and an exciting set of specially composed musical presentations by soloists and choirs. These are songs that were specially created and adapted for the occasion,” Mr. Nairne informed.
Patrons will also have the opportunity to reminisce and revel in the success and the golden moments of the country’s Olympians, as there will be about seven screens carrying re-enactments of the great moments from Beijing China.
Mr. Nairne is anticipating a huge turnout, given the tremendous euphoria that was generated as a result of Jamaica’s performances in Beijing, coupled with the continued momentum from the recent arrivals of the athletes.
“There has been a groundswell and we in the production, we can feel it and people are just waiting for Saturday, October 4 in Kingston at the National Stadium and in Trelawny on Wednesday, October 8 for the Western Gala to express themselves, to get even more of the euphoria inside these stadiums. We just feel that they are on the mark, getting ready to come out to enjoy this event,” he said.
“The events are intended to celebrate that sense of community, solidarity, unity and a sense of nationhood and pride in the achievement of our people,” he added.