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Olympic gold medallists, Michael Frater and Nesta Carter, and silver medallist, Sherone Simpson, were honoured for their outstanding achievements at the recent Olympic Games, held in Beijing, China by the Fort Lauderdale City Commission, at a reception on October 19.
Presenting proclamations to the three Jamaican athletes, Broward County Commissioner, Josephius Eggletion, also declared Sunday, October 19, Appreciation Day in the County, as a tribute to the three athletes.
In her address, Consul General to the Southern United States (US), Sandra Grant-Griffiths, praised the athletes for “re-writing Olympic history” at the recent Games. Jamaica’s athletes won 11 medals, including six gold.
According to the Consul General, the athletes have lifted Jamaica, the Caribbean and the entire Diasporic community, the world over.
She congratulated the athletes for their team spirit and unifying force as Ambassadors in Beijing, and urged members of the Diaspora to take a similar approach in their respective communities.
Jamaican Diaspora Advisory Board member for the Southern USA, Marlon Hill, also lauded the Olympic team for “their extraordinary global achievement.”
On October 20, hundreds of Jamaican nationals and friends in the Diaspora also turned out to welcome the athletes at the County Line Chiropractic Centre in North Miami. The athletes were presented with plaques from the City of Miami Gardens.

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