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A draft manual on disaster preparedness for the Old Harbour Bay area is to be presented to the residents for comment at a town meeting, at the Old Harbour Bay Baptist Church, on Tuesday, March 17.
The Plan is a collaboration between the St. Catherine Parish Council, and the Caribbean Coastal Area Management Foundation (C-CAM) which is funded by the National Commercial Bank (NCB) Foundation.
This was disclosed by Chairman of the Parish Disaster Committee, Patricia Lewis, who told JIS News that it was important for residents of Old Harbour Bay to have some physical reminder of what to do and how to prepare, in the event of a hurricane or any other natural disaster.
Old Harbour Bay is one of the communities devastated by storm surges during the recent passages of hurricane systems including Dean, Ivan and Gilbert and, it is a matter of great importance, that a new approach to disseminate information be strategised.
“We think it’s important for persons to have a document, within the household, that can form a household discussion, so they know what to take with them if they have to go to a shelter; how to prepare when there is a threat; and the evacuation route and assembly points,” she said.
Mrs. Lewis adds that on-going meetings were held with the community, at the grassroots level, to sensitise them to the plans and to get their input.
C-CAM she said now indicates that residents are rather upbeat about the draft plan.
“There is some level of enthusiasm among the citizens, so on Tuesday we will meet with them again, put it to them again and anticipate a favourable response,” she told JIS News.

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