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The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) will be having discussions with the heads of media houses, news editors/directors and the Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) in a series of meetings on the matter of protocols governing media interviews with the Prime Minister.

The meetings are being held against the background of recent encounters where journalists seeking impromptu interviews with the Prime Minister have been doing so in a manner that physically impedes the Prime Minister’s movements, and where recording and audio equipment have been thrust dangerously at the Prime Minister creating serious concerns among the Prime Minister’s security staff.

Recent efforts by the Prime Minister’s security detail to ensure adherence to standard operating procedures including unimpeded movement by the Prime Minister into and out of Gordon House have been met with disapproval and criticism by sections of the media.

The scheduled meetings, including a planned meeting with the PAJ this Thursday will be attended by the Minister with responsibility for Information in the Office of the Prime Minister, Senator Hon. Sandrea Falconer and members of the Prime Minister’s Personal Support Unit.

The Office of the Prime Minister is committed to facilitating the media in its work to gather and present honest, open and truthful information to the public and holds the principle and practice of a free press as being sacred and fundamental tenets of democratic governance.

The OPM is clear however, that in the pursuit of information by the media there are rights and responsibilities that must be exercised by all within a context of decency, respect, good order and a shared understanding. The OPM remains faithful in its conduct of professional, mutually respectful and cordial relations with the media.

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