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The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management is reporting that there are currently two hundred and forty two (242) persons sheltering in ten shelters in the parishes of St Catherine and Kingston & St Andrew from approximately fifty communities. They are outlined as follows:
St. Catherine HEART Academy – 7 personsGwen Neal Basic School – 12 persons Spanish Town Primary School – 57 personsFrazers Content Prophecy Church – 3 personsWhitehall Community Centre – 38 persons
Kingston & St. Andrew Rock of Holiness Church – 68 persons St. Benedicts Primary – 5 personsEdith Dalton James – 7 personsDunrobin Primary School – 28 persons Edith Dalton James – 17 persons Total – 242 persons Reports of flooding and impassable roads continue to come into the National Emergency Operations Center, mainly from approximately 45 communities in the parishes of St Ann, Manchester, St Elizabeth and Kingston and St Andrew. Major landslippages have been reported in St Catherine, St Andrew and Manchester. The following roads are still affected:
St Catherine – Flooding and LandslideOld Harbour RoadAngels Main RoadBrunswick AvenueJob LaneSt Johns RoadBarnett RoadGolden RoadDunbeholdingHarkers Hall to Glengoffe – LandslideHarkers Hall to Mount IndustryGlengoffe to Cassava River – LandslideSandy Hill to St FaithA section of the westbound lane along Mandela Highway
There is also significant inundation on Marcus Garvey Drive, the Causeway and Ferry main roads. The Bog Walk Gorge and the alternative Barry Road is impassable.
There have also been reports of several land slippages along the Sligoville roadway. Motorists are being advised to proceed with caution.
St Thomas – FloodingThe Yallahs fording is impassable
Bath to Hardley Gap and Bath Fountain main road is impassable as a result of flooding
Bath to Barnett Gap is impassable, the roadway has suffered severe damage as a result of flooding
Pleasant Hill to Hector’s River roadway has also suffered surface severe damage
St Andrew – LandslideThe Gordon Town main road is blocked by a landslide. The NWA has dispatched a team to the area and is working to keep both the Gordon Town and Irish Town main roads open
St Ann FloodingMoneague in the vicinity of Faiths Pen is impassable
Douglas Castle
Manchester Flooding and LandslideDowns to Alligator Pond
Gutters to Downs
Craig Head to Troy
Alligator Pond to Gut River
Christiana to Alston and the Dump to Moravia main roads are open to single lane traffic, was previously blocked by a landslide.
Trelawny – FloodingHighgate in south Trelawny is blocked
St Elizabeth – FloodingBlack River to Hermitage main road is impassable
Clarendon – FloodingPenguin Key to Chapelton Road
Sandy Bay to Free Town
Free Town to Four Paths
Chapleton Road to Longville
Harris Street in May Pen
Howard Avenue
The intersection of Glenmuir Road and Manchester Avenue up to the Hospital is flooded
The National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) in consultation with the Ministry of Education is advising that all schools should remain closed, today, due to the bad weather conditions and extensive flooding.
As the severe weather conditions continue to affect the island from Tropical Storm Wilma, the public is advised to remain on the alert as conditions could change without warning, and to continue to take all the necessary flood precautions to ensure safety.

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