JIS News

The Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), has received a cheque for US$20,737, from the Organisation of American States (OAS), to assist with the post-Tropical Storm Gustav recovery effort.
At the handing over ceremony today (September 29), held at OAS Jamaica Office in Kingston, OAS representative, Dr. Joan Neil, informed that the contribution was due to the collaborative efforts from private organisations to assist with the disaster relief efforts and as such, was delighted that the assistance was attained.
“This cheque is due to the generosity of Chevron Corporation, and this is in response to a list of critical needs sent to us by Ronald Jackson which we sent off quickly to the Pan American Development Foundation, which is the OAS disaster relief arm. They do a lot of brokering between the public and the private sector. So we have a lot of private agencies that they interface with when there are emergencies like this one,” she said.
“We are hoping that further cheques will be directed more towards training activities, designed to ensure that we have more hurricane proof houses,” she pointed out.
Director General of the OPDEM, Ronald Jackson, in his remarks, thanked the OAS and Chevron Texaco, for the contributions that were made towards the recovery efforts.
“We certainly will be looking to meet the needs of the persons who were affected. We are looking for what the primary needs are going to be in the welfare aspect and we will be sitting down and discussing with OAS, as agents, to see how we can enhance the recovery processes,” he said.
He added that training, with regards to safe housing, would be one of the top priorities.