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A sum of $807,000 has been paid out by the Office of Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Management (ODPEM), through the St. Ann Parish Council, to offset living expenses for flood victims in the Moneague lake area.
A Response Committee meeting was held recently at the Parish Council offices, where cheques were presented to 21 landlords who have been accommodating dislocated residents in the Moneague area.
“While carrying out our own assessments, we were approached by ODPEM to also access information in relation to those flood victims who were residing elsewhere at a cost. We submitted the names of such persons, along with other relevant information and ODPEM has responded in a positive way,” St. Ann Parish Manager for the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Winnifred Lamm, told JIS News.
Miss Lamm pointed out that the monetary assistance is for a period of six months.
In addition, Inspector of Poor, Melrose Rose said that Food For The Poor was eager to help. “Food For The Poor is ready to assist as soon as the victims identify lands on which to build,” she said.
Cladius Rose, a landlord, commended the Parish Council, ODPEM and members of the Response Committee for the work that they have been doing to assist the flood victims.

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