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Minister with responsibility for information, Daryl Vaz has expressed concern over the approach being used by the Office of the Contractor General in the investigation of some government related issues.

Responding to questions at this morning’s  post cabinet press briefing January 26  on the  investigations relating to the  sale of Sandals Whitehouse , Mr. Vaz explained that government has furnished the OCG with the information required  based on his  letter sent to Prime Minister Golding last week.   However, Mr. Vaz said that despite being furnished with the documents and the requested information, the Contractor General, Greg Christie has indicated that he is still moving full speed ahead with the investigations.

Mr. Vaz said it was his personal view that the OCG’s strategy of making public announcements during the conducting investigations is becoming a deterrent to persons who are asked to give public service and sacrifice their time without any form of payment. Persons are becoming less and less willing to serve because their names are brought into the middle of what Mr. Vaz described  as ‘disagreements between the government and how the government proceeds on certain sales’.

Minister Vaz said that while the Contractor General has a right to do what he has been mandated to do, he cited the case of Mr. R. Danny Williams who has served in both the private and public sector and whose actions are now   being questioned. Mr. Vaz  said the government has not had any change of heart on the procedure regarding the sale of the Sandals Whitehouse. ‘The investigations continue and we will await the outcome and if the Prime Minister deems it necessary he will make a further statement on the matter’, Mr.Vaz told the press briefing.


Issued by: The Office of the Prime Minister