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Governor-General, His Excellency the Most Hon. Professor Kenneth Hall, has said that by taking the oath of office, the new Prime Minister, Portia Simpson Miller, was now obligated to all Jamaicans.
“You have left the confines of your political party and assumed the leadership of the entire nation. “Standing in the place of leadership, the nation will look to you for the compassion that lends a hand to those impoverished and vanquished by unkind circumstances, and consideration for those awaiting the tide of prosperity”, Professor Hall said, as he addressed the swearing-in ceremony for the nation’s seventh and first female Prime Minister on Thursday (March 30) on the lawns of King’s House.
Noting that, “the honour and privilege to serve your country in this high office is accompanied by the burdens of leadership,” the Governor-General expressed, “it is my hope that the goodwill expressed by all Jamaicans will attend you in periods of difficulties that you are sure to meet”.
Congratulating the new Prime Minister, Professor Hall said that Jamaicans, and the international community, have been rejoicing in her appointment.
He noted that there has been an outpouring of goodwill at the fact that Jamaica’s first female Prime Minister has joined the band of her “illustrious predecessors and those currently holding this high office.”
The Governor-General further commended the orderly transfer of the mantle of leadership, “as a hallmark of an organization that is durable and dynamic”.
“The peaceful transfer of power identifies Jamaica as a nation that has matured both politically and constitutionally,” he stated.

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