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Forty-six National Youth Service (NYS) volunteers in St. Mary are currently participating in a one month training programme in primary education, to enable them to assist with the delivery of education at that level, as well as to enhance their personal development.
The training is being conducted at the St. Mary Parish Church in Port Maria. It will end on Friday, December 14.
In an interview with JIS News, Kay Hendricks, Corporate Services Officer for the NYS programme in St. Mary, said that in addition to the primary education training, the volunteers were also being trained in a number of personal development courses, including leadership, gender sensitization and self esteem.
Explaining that the primary education component of the programme involved training in special education, literacy studies and classroom management, she said the programme was the second such event the NYS was sponsoring in St. Mary since August of this year.
She added that during that period, a total of eight early childhood training programmes have been sponsored by the NYS to prepare volunteers to give service at that level.
Miss Hendricks pointed out that the participants would be assigned to various schools in the parish on completion of the course, adding that they have been responding satisfactorily to the training they were receiving.
She said that resource personnel have been chosen from the schools and various communities in St. Mary.

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