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The National Youth Service (NYS) has received an injection of $1 million from Telecommunications provider Digicel to assist in the sustainability of its Corps Programme, offered to young people aged 17 to 24.
The sum, presented at the launch of NYS Day yesterday (Nov.15) at the Liguanea Club in New Kingston, represented the final payment of $3 million, which Digicel committed to the organisation over a three-year period. This will go towards the training and placement of teachers’ aides in basic schools and other early childhood institutions.
NYS Chairman, Keith Duncan, lauded Digicel for partnering with the organisation, noting that the donation would serve to benefit thousands of young people, who would be participating in the agency’s early childhood education programme.
He further praised other private sector bodies that have contributed to the development and implementation of the NYS’ training programmes.
“We believe that partnerships can be developed and that the private sector has a conscience and once there is a vehicle for them to participate and they can ensure that they are getting value for their dollar spent.they will be on board, so we believe that we can expand the relationship with the private sector, going forward,” he asserted.
Meanwhile, Digicel’s Chief Executive Officer, David Hall, noted that the company was pleased to have partnered with the NYS in “empowering” young people, by facilitating skills training and social development, noting that they were a critical part of the employment corps of the Jamaican society.
He said even though the donation was the final payment of the total sum of $3 million, Digicel was looking forward to continuing its relationship with the NYS in other areas.
He stated that the “initial contribution was a commitment of $3 million, which was $1 million for three years towards teachers’ aides for the early childhood programme, and I have absolutely no doubt about what will happen over the upcoming months.we [NYS and Digicel] will sit down, and see where is the next best place to look at [for funding] whether its a new training centre or for a specific course etc.”
Since its reintroduction in 1995, the NYS has facilitated the training and employment of more than 20,000 young people from across the island. The organisation, governed by the National Youth Service Act of 1998, offers a number of programmes to Jamaican youth.
These include: the NYS Corps Programme, National Summer Employment Programme, Private Sector Partner Initiative, Success Programme, Gender Sensitisation Media Programme, NYS Peace Facilitators Programme, Jamaica-Canada Exchange Programme and Jamaica Values and Attitudes Project for Tertiary Students.

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