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Seventy participants in the National Youth Service (NYS) Teacher’s Assistant Programme, graduated on December 4, in a ceremony held at the Ridgemount United Church Hall, in Mandeville, Manchester.
Acting Executive Director of the NYS, Anthony Woodburn, said that the Teacher’s Assistant Programme came about as a result of the need to provide help for teachers islandwide.
“The Teacher’s Assistant Programme has been implemented in an effort to achieve the mission of the Ministry of Education,” he said.
Mr. Woodburn noted that the group is the largest cohort of participants trained by the NYS in any one outing, and is the first tranch of over 500 Teachers’ Assistants being trained across eight parishes.
“This fact gives us confidence that the many educational institutions across the island that have been yearning for assistance from well adjusted young energetic individuals can, and will benefit from a continued partnership with the National Youth Service,” he said.
The Teacher’s Assistant training programme, which lasts for one month, entails a curriculum based on Early Childhood and Primary education. At the end of the training period, participants receive the HEART/Trust NTA National Council on Technical Vocational Education and Training (NCTVET) Level One certification.
“Through this training, you will be able to acquire internationally recognised certification, a key requirement for transitioning into the workforce,” Mr. Woodburn told the graduates.
The programme aims to train over 1,000 unattached young persons by the end of January 2010.
The NYS was established in 1973 and re-launched in 1995 after a 12-year break, with the objective of tackling issues among unattached young persons, such as unemployment, academic under-achievement and lack of training.

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