NWC to Upgrade Water Supply Systems in Port Antonio at a Cost of $391 Million

The National Water Commission (NWC) will be upgrading water supply systems in Port Antonio this fiscal year, at a cost of $391.4 million.
The works come under the Port Antonio Water Sewerage and Drainage Project in the Ministry of Housing, Transport, Water and Works.
As contained in the 2007/08 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives, the project will serve to rehabilitate and expand water supply and distribution systems, improve existing drainage systems and introduce a new central wastewater collection and treatment system in Port Antonio.
The programme started in April 2005 and is slated to end in March 2009.
Achievements to date are the completion of design field assessments and the 90 per cent completion of the detailed work drawings and tender documents.
Targets for the new financial year include completion of detailed engineering designs; work drawings and tender documents; implementation of leakage control contract; procurement of construction services and the commencement of works contract.
Physical targets initially envisaged are: the replacement of 5 kilometres of old water main pipes with 300 millimetres of new main pipes between Port Antonio and Williamsfield; the rehabilitation and expansion of water intake treatment plant and pumping station to a capacity 16,000 cubic metres per day; construction of a 5-kilometre trunk sewer and three pumping stations; and the installation of 16,000 household sewer connections in the parish.

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