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The National Water Commission (NWC) is to build a small dam to provide water for the Rock River community in Clarendon North Central.

Member of Parliament for the area, Hon. Robert Morgan, made the disclosure during his contribution to the 2022/23 Constituency Debate in the House of Representatives, on November 2.

Mr. Morgan explained that in 2018, Prime Minister the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, committed to the people of Rock River that they would get water.

“Since then, miles of pipes have been laid, and a 50,000-gallon tank has been installed. The challenge, however, is they couldn’t find any water in the aquifers to sustain the wells,” he stated.

“They dug four wells and there was no water. I am happy to report that the NWC has decided that they will be creating a small dam in Rock River to provide the solution for the people. So, Rock River will be getting their water,” Mr. Morgan added.

In the meantime, the Member of Parliament noted that 80 per cent of Mocho has no piped water.

He argued that the area has provided billions of dollars to the country “through its red dirt, but the majority of Mocho has no pipe”.

“The first major water project to be done in Mocho for almost 40 years was done in 2020, where Lennon and Mocho was finally able to get water. I am happy to report the NWC has done the studies and has drafted a water plan to finally bring water to the people of Mocho,” Mr. Morgan said.

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