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Water restrictions, which were relaxed over the Christmas weekend, are now back in effect.
In an interview with JIS News, Corporate Public Relations Manager at the National Water Commission (NWC), Mr. Charles Buchanan, explained that the underlying problems, which made the restrictions necessary, are still affecting the island.
He said that in addition to the prolonged drought, the island’s two major reservoirs are experiencing below normal inflows, with the Mona Reservoir currently below 50 per cent and the Hermitage Dam at 60 per cent of its storage level.
“As a result of these situations the Commission has been forced to continue those restrictions and would be only in a position to ease them for a very short period as we did over the Christmas weekend and that also would normally result in further decline in the level of storage,” Mr. Buchanan said.
He noted, however, that the water supply sources for some rural areas have improved due to recent rainfall.
“There are some areas that weeks ago may have been experiencing significant restrictions and they may not now be doing so and that’s a direct result of the level of inflows being received from those specific water supply sources and that especially applies to some systems in St. Thomas, St. Mary, Portland and some other rural parishes, which had seen some improvement in their rainfall,” he pointed out.
Regarding the easing of water restrictions for the upcoming New Year holiday, Mr. Buchanan said the NWC will “look at it and we will make an announcement in due time.”

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