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Seven water distribution, improvement, and restoration projects that have been developed by the National Water Commission (NWC) are to receive priority for completion during the next 12 months. The projects, some of which were at varying stages of implementation before Hurricane Ivan, have taken on added significance with the distribution of potable water to a number of communities across the island having been disrupted.
Minister of Water and Housing, Donald Buchanan disclosed that the projects would be funded mainly through a $100 million grant provided by Red Stripe and the Diageo Foundation, an international charity organisation. He was speaking at a media briefing held at the Great River Water Treatment Plant on the St. James/Hanover border on Saturday, October 9, to announce the completion of the Great River to Lucea Water Supply Project.
The projects include: The Venture River Water Supply Project, in Westmoreland; the Lacovia to Slipe Water Supply System in St. Elizabeth; the Sherwood Water Supply System, in Trelawny; the Kellits Water System in Clarendon; the Brighton Water Supply System in Westmoreland; the Dumfries/Airy Castle Water Supply Project in St. Thomas, and the Woodlands/Blackstonhenge Water Supply Project in Hanover.
The Water and Housing Minister pointed out that the Venture River project in Westmoreland, the Sherwood project in Trelawny and the Kellits project in Clarendon were existing water supply projects on which improvement works valuing $25 million, $20 million, and $10 million would be spent, respectively.
“Those are existing projects that we are going to have to make improvements to and extensions to, because we saw the need for this arising out of the effects of the Hurricane.”
He informed that $20 million would be spent on the development of the Lacovia to Slipe Water Supply Project, while another $20 million would be spent on the Woodlands/Blackstonhenge project; $10 million on the Dumfries/Airy Castle project and $10 million on the Brighton project in Western Westmoreland.
Minister Buchanan explained that with the community of Brighton having been severely affected by Hurricane Ivan, the restoration of conditions within that community was being attempted from several angles.
“The restoration activities in this area are being given priority by the Office of National Reconstruction. The Venezuelan government is also providing technical assistance, by way of a team of military engineers being deployed to assist with housing,” he explained, noting that the NWC was also working to restore the water supply to this community.
“The project there is going to involve the procurement and installation of transmission and distribution pipelines of 6.5 kilometres, and these are four inch pipelines, and we expect the project to be completed within 12 months,” he elaborated. Mr. Buchanan emphasized that all costs incurred on the seven identified projects beyond the $100 million contribution by Red Stripe and the Diageo Foundation, would be absorbed by the NWC.

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