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    Seventy-six employees and former employees of the Eastern Division of the National Water Commission (NWC) have been honoured for their exemplary contribution to the company.
    At an awards function held yesterday (March 12) at the Terra Nova Hotel in Kingston , the workers, from the parishes of Kingston and St. Andrew, Portland, St. Thomas, St. Mary and St. Catherine, were recognised for contribution in the areas of customer care, water and waste water operations, teamwork and support services.
    In his address at the function, Minister of Water and Housing, Dr. Horace Chang, praised workers for their exceptional service to the company. “Your supervisors have deemed you diligent, dependable and trustworthy in the performance of your duties,” he said, noting that the areas in which they were being recognised, were critical to the operations of the NWC.
    “You have gone the extra mile, you have given that little extra push. Perhaps, even when you were tired or have had a bad day, you have tried to ensure that the Commission’s customers are satisfied,” he pointed out, further stating that the company’s success or failure was largely based on the dedication, commitment and excellence of its employees.
    Minister Chang in the meantime, commended the NWC’s management team for putting the framework in place to foster enhanced productivity of employees by providing continuous training and learning opportunities, through the facilitation of on-the-job training, as well as assistance with scholarships and other activities.
    He said the management team, by its action, “recognised that a motivated staff member is a productive staff member, and a productive worker will always strive for excellence in his/her duties.”
    Chairman of the NWC’s Board of Commissions, Russell Haddeed, congratulated the awardees, noting that they deserved to be recognised and honoured for the exceptional contributions they have made and were still making towards the company’s operations.
    “On behalf of the entire board of Commissioners, I congratulate you and applaud all the awardees here today. I trust that their exemplary conduct will serve to inspire all our employees to redouble their efforts, to make the NWC the very best water utility service provider that it can be,” he said.

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