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    The operational capacity of the National Works Agency (NWA) is to be significantly boosted, as funding has been provided to purchase and repair its current fleet of units and equipment.
    State Minister for Transport and Works, Joseph Hibbert, in making the announcement in the House of Representatives on June 11, said that the move will enable the agency to respond more effectively to emergency situations, which demand their input.
    Mr. Hibbert informed that the equipment and units that will be purchased and repaired include: backhoes, front-end loaders, tractors, motor graders, sprinklers, and dump trucks. He added that each NWA parish office “will receive an allotment of those equipment, in order that those (parish) officers can respond effectively.”
    “In addition to the equipment that will be assigned to the parish officers, the Ministry will allocate funding to the parish and regional managers to improve their respective capabilities,” the State Minister informed.
    He also advised the House of plans to re-introduce a programme of awarding scholarships, tenable at tertiary institution, for the training of students in technical and engineering disciplines.
    “The aim of the programme is to produce a pool of suitably qualified individuals on which the Ministry, and the country at large, can rely,” Mr. Hibbert told the House.

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