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Access along some roadways in Portland has been restricted as a result of the rains on the weekend. A breakaway at Silverstock along the Buff Bay to Whitehall roadway has reduced the location to single lane which is only able to accommodate small vehicles. Large units are being discouraged from using the roadway.

National Works Agency (NWA) Communication and Customer Services Manager, Stephen Shaw says other areas to which the parish team is now responding include the removal of boulders from the Muirton to Ecclesdown road in the vicinity of Reach. He says a major drain in Buff Bay is also being cleared in order to reduce flooding along a section of the main road.

Fallen trees, which earlier affected travel along sections of the roadway in St. Margaret’s Bay, are currently being removed.

The NWA team is continuing to monitor the state of roadways across the parish even as it responds to the current situations.


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