JIS News

The National Works Agency (NWA) is working to reopen the island’s roadways that remain impassable due to blockages caused by heavy rains associated with Tropical Storm Nicole.
The NWA had reported at a press conference convened at Jamaica House on (September 29), that the severe rainfall had caused the collapse of two bridges, blocked 49 roadways, reduced 14 roads to single lane traffic, and flooded another four roadways.
Manager of Communications and Customer Services at the NWA, Stephen Shaw, told JIS News on (September 30) that to date, some 70 or so corridors remain impassable, but that the agency is working to have them reopened to at least single lane access.
“We are paying particular attention to the arterial network, including the Bog Walk Gorge (and) are (currently) doing an assessment with a view to deciding whether or not we will reopen this critical roadway today or later on this week,” he said.
Mr. Shaw further informed that efforts to reopen the Harbour View fording in St. Andrew also continue. The approaches to the fording had washed out as a result of the heavy rains.
“Right now we are also working on having the roadway from Lacovia to Vauxhall (in St. Elizabeth) reopened (as) a massive landslide has blocked this particular corridor,” he informed.
He further advised persons in St. James to use the road from Fairfield to Point at John’s Hall “because the Worcester Bridge is collapsing and so we don’t want the structure to be used at this time.”