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The Government will be undertaking a feasibility study on roads between Harbour View, Kingston and Fair Prospect, Portland, to determine the best way to effect improvement works to the roadway.
Minister of State for Housing, Transport, Water and Works, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, told JIS News that the survey would be carried out by the National Works Agency (NWA) and was expected to get underway in the first half of the year.
“It is something that we are pursuing with great vigour. I have had discussions with the National Works Agency to carry out the feasibility study and I will be looking to Cabinet to see how we can get that study going,” Dr. Ferguson pointed out.
Upgrading work on the roadway, he said, would include removing some corners, widening a number of areas and improving the road structure in some areas.
“That journey from Harbour View to Morant Bay could be easily and significantly shortened with a good and modern roadway comparable to that in western Jamaica,” the Minister stated.

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