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The National Works Agency (NWA) has reviewed the two day-old traffic changes that were implemented in sections of Half-Way-Tree, and has made some slight modifications.
In an interview with JIS News, NWA’s Acting Public Relations Manager, Petra-kene Williams pointed out that the modifications became necessary to alleviate the congestion that was taking place along several roads in the Corporate Area, particularly Constant Spring Road and Half-Way-Tree Road.
“We have recognised that there is some congestion along Eastwood Park Road and what we have been doing is adjusting the timing of the traffic signals to allow for greater green time for those persons who use the corridor along Eastwood Park Road onto Derrymore Road to get onto Constant Spring Road,” she said.
Continuing, Miss Williams noted that although there was some improvement in the flows along Eastwood Park Road this morning (December 6), the NWA “will be monitoring the situation very closely throughout the course of this week so that we can get the right balance.that the flows in Half-Way-Tree will improve all round”.
The traffic changes, which came into effect on Sunday, December 4, included changes to traffic flow as well as the relocation and reassignment of several bus stops. Modifications were also made to traffic light signals at Constant Spring Road and North Odeon Avenue to facilitate a pedestrian crossing, while traffic lights were installed at the intersections of North Odeon Avenue and Eastwood Park Road, Derrymore and Constant Spring Roads, and Parish Place and Hope Road.
The relocation of some Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) bus stops also caused some confusion for commuters, but the JUTC has stepped up efforts to notify their commuters of the implemented changes.
“What we have done so far is to alert persons that the bus bays have been moved from Eastwood Park Road to North Odeon Avenue and from Spencer James to Suthermere Road. We also have persons on the ground directing commuters, and from feedback so far, commuters have a good sense of where the bus bays are,” Gwyneth Davidson, Public Relations and Marketing Manager of the JUTC told JIS News.
Notwithstanding this, Mrs. Davidson pointed out that the bus company planned to install additional signage to assist the travelling public to identify exactly where their individual buses stop along the bus bay.”Right now persons have to generally look at every bus that pulls in to see if that is their bus or not. We will be putting up signs along the bus bay so that persons can know where the 53 stops versus the 75 or the 70, and they can therefore stand right by those areas,” she said.
The Public Relations and Marketing Manager also told JIS News that the JUTC was in dialogue with the NWA to fast track the installation of lights along North Odeon Avenue, where the new bus bay is located, to increase the safety of commuters and JUTC staff.

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