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The National Works Agency (NWA) will be meeting with the residents of Flankers in St. James next week to inform them of road improvement works that will affect the community. The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, October 5.
NWA’s Community Relations Officer for the Western Region, Stephen Shaw, told JIS News, that work on the North Coast Highway Project would require cutting into a section of the community’s playfield, which would necessitate relocating the facility.
“We envisage going through a section of the land out in Flankers, which the community now uses as a playing field. The plan is that the roadway will take in a piece of the playing area, and we intend to construct for the community, a new playing field,” Mr. Shaw told JIS News.
He informed that his agency had already identified land for the relocation of the playfield, but was finalizing discussions with the Airports Authority and the Commissioner of Lands, with a view to closing the deal.
As part the North Coast Highway Project, a new four-lane roadway will be built from the Sangster International Airport to Ironshore. The work will require realigning the section of road in front of the Island Traffic Authority Office in Flankers and the construction of a new roadway from the Flankers playfield to Queen’s Drive.
According to Mr. Shaw, the community meeting was to familiarize residents with the plans and listen to any concerns they might have. “We also have some concerns where some of the residents are still within the right of way, and we want to discuss this and other pertinent issues with members of the community”, he also informed.
He emphasized that the meeting would guarantee the best results for the community and the island on a whole.

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